How can any church grow by leaps and bounds consistently? 

By using an automated low cost, low maintenance system to constantly reach people in the community around a church who are desperately seeking help.

This system targets those needs, reveals them to the church and allows the church to build a database of prospects for the church to follow up with.  Then the ministry teams of the church goes out to share the gospel and invite the prospects to church which in turn causes growth to the Kingdom.

This system is designed to introduce the churches to another ministry called FAITH that trains the congregation to build evangelism discipleship teams.

It can really help just about anyone to get into the comfort zone and share their testimony and gospel very quickly.  The goal of the FAITH program is to help train people to become disciples by encouraging enrollment in Bible study classes while growing in their personal relationship with the Lord.

Any church can use this turn key system to quickly grow the church by using a guaranteed system to consistently grow your churches congregation.

While helping people improve their lives through a daily discipled walk, meeting needs, and deliverance of dependencies, hangups, and hurts, a church will grow by leaps and bounds through the work of the Holy Spirit.  Other specific areas of this ministry helps new believers to improve relationships, child rearing, and financially helping them to become debt free.

For an information package on this Reaching the Community for Christ system please click here to receive more information.

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