Fast Church Growth
Sharing Worldwide Ministries, Inc.

How can your church or organization benefit from this system?

By a proven system, that is easy to implement, any church can quickly start to reach people in their community.  The system is complete with an instructional DVD, a fast start guide, the three FREE informational reproducable reports to give away, an intro to the FAITH witnessing program to easily share the gospel of Christ, and technical support to make sure your organization succeeds.  The reports are also included in a format to allow automated email response to all the inquiries which allows the church to have a "hand's off" system.

We offer a complete money back guarantee for one year.  We have taken every step to assure your success.

The fast start guide gives you step by step instructions to help you implement the system and start reaching people in the community within the first week.  The system is so easy, it will feel like its on autopilot.  The system takes very little volunteer time and people to operate.  Actually it can be started with as little as only three people to  quickly implement the system to get it started.  If your church already has evangelism ministry teams, this system can be up and running in just 24 hours.

The church can choose how large or small the church grows depending on the desired growth and outreach that the church is desiring.

To God be all the glory and praise through Jesus Christ!

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